Sales & Share Analysis

With Bright Insights, brands can analyze sales data across products, categories, and marketplaces, assessing their market position and identifying growth opportunities. We enable data-driven decisions to optimize channel performance, assortment strategies, and promotional activities.

  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competitive Sales Intelligence
  • Marketplace Sales Analysis
  • Revenue & Market Share Indicators
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Strategic Insights for Growth

Revenue, Market Share, Competitors, Trends, and SKU-Level Data Analysis

Analyze brand market share and sales performance

Highly-Accuracy Revenue Model
Unparalleled accuracy in revenue modeling for precise financial insights.
Scale Opportunities
Identify opportunities for improvement and maximize ROI.

Gain insights into competitors' sales and market share

Benchmark performance
Analyze & compare your sales performance with the competition.
Follow industry leaders
Take actionable decisions based on the category and product leaders.

Market Share indicators to capitalize on emerging opportunities

Identify growth opportunities
Uncover areas of potential growth to expand market presence and increase revenue streams.
Mitigate potential risks
Identify and address potential risks proactively to safeguard business interests.

Optimize channel strategies, assortment decisions, and promotional efforts

3P Third-Party Sellers
Analyze sales performance of third-party sellers on Marketplaces
1P First-Party Retailer
Analyze sales performance of first-party retailers

What benefits can brands gain from using our Price Intelligence Tools?

Complete view

Brand market share and sales performance across products, categories, and marketplaces.

Competitive benchmark

Benchmark performance and uncover strategic insights from industry leaders.

Trend identification

Capitalize on emerging opportunities and mitigate risks.

Channel optimization

Marketplace sales analysis to optimize channel strategies.

Actionable insights

SKU-level insights for accurate optimization and channel-specific strategies.

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