Sales & Share

Optimizing Performance and Maximizing Market Share

Sales & Share module provides comprehensive tools to measure and optimize your market performance.

  • Analyzing Competitor Sales
  • Category Dynamics & Trends
  • Analyzing Marketplace Sales
  • Units & Dollars Analysis
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Key Features
Sales & Share Module Main Features

Category Sales

Gain insights into sales performance across different product categories, allowing for targeted optimization strategies.

Sales Dollars Share

Understand your market share in terms of revenue, helping you identify areas for growth and improvement.

Units Share

Track the volume of units sold to assess your position within the market and identify expansion opportunities.

Average Selling Price

Monitor pricing trends to ensure competitiveness and profitability in the market.

Active Selling SKUs

Keep track of your SKU performance to prioritize and optimize product offerings effectively.

Sales & Share Use Cases by Persona


  • Measure and optimize overall market share performance across categories.

  • Analyze sales data for competitor products to identify areas for improvement and competitive strategies.

  • Identify new product opportunities based on competitor SKU sales and market trends.


  • Understand competitor sales by brand, SKU, and attribute to identify sales opportunities and threats.

  • Leverage marketplace intelligence to identify potential partners or channels for distribution.

  • Monitor market share changes to assess the effectiveness of sales strategies and make adjustments as needed.


  • Utilize marketplace intelligence insights to optimize marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Analyze competitor promotional sales and marketing spending to refine marketing strategies.

  • Track market share changes and adjust marketing efforts accordingly to maintain competitiveness.

Category Manager

  • Gain insights into category sales and revenue share to inform product development and pricing strategies.

  • Analyze competitor sales data to benchmark product performance and refine product offerings.

  • Monitor new product opportunities and trends to guide product roadmap decisions.

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Sales & Share Module Key Advantages

Comprehensive Insights

Our platform offers a wide range of key insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions across various aspects of sales and market share.

Competitor Analysis

Understand how your sales stack up against competitors, allowing for strategic adjustments to stay ahead in the market.

New Product Opportunities

Identify emerging trends and potential new product opportunities to capitalize on market demand.

Marketplace Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into third-party sellers, helping you navigate marketplace dynamics and optimize your sales strategy.

Strategic Decision-Making

With actionable data, businesses can develop effective strategies for product launches, pricing, and promotional activities to drive revenue growth.

Share Gain/Loss Analysis

Understand the factors influencing changes in market share, enabling proactive adjustments to maintain competitiveness.


This module provides insights into category sales, revenue share, unit share, and average selling price, enabling businesses to assess their market position accurately.

Yes, the Sales & Share module allows for comprehensive competitor analysis, including sales by brand, SKU, and attribute, empowering businesses to benchmark against competitors and identify areas for improvement.

While we already offer coverage of most major retailer and marketplace websites, globally, our ownership of the data collection infrastructure allows us to customize data sources per the need of each customer

With this module, businesses can identify emerging trends and potential new product opportunities through competitor SKU sales analysis and trend identification, facilitating informed decision-making for product development and expansion.

The Marketplace Intelligence feature provides valuable insights into third-party sellers on marketplaces, including sales by seller, market share, and seller SKUs, helping businesses understand marketplace dynamics and optimize their sales strategy.

This feature enables businesses to understand the factors driving changes in market share, such as competitor SKU sales, empowering proactive adjustments to maintain competitiveness and drive growth.

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