Assortment Optimization

With Bright Insights, retailers can stay ahead of market trends, optimize their product offerings, and enhance their overall profitability. By analyzing competitor product trends, and identifying missing popular products, we empower retailers to attract more customers and maximize revenue.

  • Competitor’s Product Trends
  • Missing Popular Products
  • Product & Variant Matching
  • Seasonal Items
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Optimizing Retailers & Marketplaces Assortment for eCommerce Success

Stay Competitive with Tailored Solutions for Price Tracking and Monitoring in Online Retail

Anticipate Trends and Maximize Revenue Potential with Updated Assortment

Stay ahead of the trend
Identify gaps in your product assortment and stay informed about market leaders, emerging trends, and new product arrivals. 
Potential Revenues
Compare your assortment with competitors to ensure alignment with market demand and capitalize on potential revenue opportunities.

Stay Competitive and Adapt Assortment Strategies based on the competition

Monitor Competitor Trends
Stay updated on emerging products, new trends, and significant market share or volume shifts. 
Fine-tune Assortment Strategy
Leverage actionable insights to adapt your assortment strategy and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Optimize Revenue Year-Round: Anticipate Seasonal Trends and operations

Don’t miss seasonal shifts
Anticipate and capitalize on seasonal trends by staying ahead of short-term and long-term seasonal shifts. 
Align Operational Strategies
Maximize revenue potential during peak seasons and capitalize on seasonal demand fluctuations.

Track Multi-Channel SKU Catalogs with Advanced AI Technology

Absolute SKU Matching
Overcome challenges by streamlining the product catalog for SKUs and variants across various channels.
Advanced AI Technologies
Employ AI models to accurately match products, variants, and SKUs across multiple channels, ensuring comprehensive and precise data.

What benefits can Retailers & Marketplaces gain from our Assortment Optimization?

Have the right products

Identify missing products and align assortment with market demand.

Know what is trending

Stay informed about product trends and shifts in market share on competitor marketplaces.

Prepare for seasons

Anticipate and capitalize on seasonal trends to maximize revenue potential.

Data you can trust

Achieve accurate and comprehensive product matching for reliable assortment analysis and decision-making.

Unlock the power of assortment optimization for retailers with Bright Insights.

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