Flexible Pricing Model Starting from $1,000/month!

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Affordable for all sizes
  • Pay by Sources, Category, or SKUs
  • Customized Use Case Offering
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The Power of AI-Driven eCommerce Insights, Directly from the World’s #1 Web Data Platform

What Makes Bright Insights the Most Affordable Solution?

Tailored solutions for Brands, Retailers, Marketplaces

First-hand access to data & infrastructure

Flexible offering for any business at any size

No extra charges or payments

Monthly / Yearly subscription

Customers Favorite Features

  • Easy-to-use Dashboard
  • Dataset export
  • Custom Reports
  • Multiple Use cases
  • Set Alerts & Notifications


‍Our pricing is based on subscription, mostly impacted by the number of websites covered as well as the estimated number of products (SKU) covered. As we own the entire technology stack, from data collection all the way up to analytics, we are able to offer higher intelligence granularity and accuracy, without being expensive

‍Yes, as you grow your partnership with us, the unit economics improves

Our ownership of the full stack AI technology allows us to easily customize sources for our customers, so if tomorrow new coverage is needed, you don't need to look elsewhere and the additional pricing is marginal (key factor are the number of products/SKUs)

‍Our subscription includes unlimited use of our self service solutions, data updates, expert Customer Success service (training, advice, assistance) and technical support

‍As we offer highly granular, self service solutions, at affordable prices, our buyers range from small businesses to departments and regional offices of larger brands and retailers

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