Price Intelligence & MAP

With Bright Insights, brands can gain comprehensive insights into pricing strategies across multiple categories, SKUs, and channels. Explore how our solution empowers brands to monitor prices, analyze competitors, and optimize pricing decisions.

  • Track Brand Prices Across Categories & Channels
  • Analyze Competitor Prices
  • Monitor Promotion Dynamics
  • Ensure MAP Policy Compliance
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Exploring Pricing Intelligence

Trends, Competitor Analysis, Compliance, and Strategy Optimization

Monitor Brand's Prices Across Multi-Categories and Channels

Track and analyze pricing data
For your brand's products or competitor’s SKUs across various categories and channels, including direct sales, third-party sellers, and online marketplaces.
Gain visibility into price fluctuations
Identify pricing trends, and ensure consistency across different sales channels.

Analyze competitors' pricing strategies

Market dynamics insights
Understand market trends and pinpoint pricing opportunities.
Benchmark your prices
Analyze competitors to make strategic pricing decisions and stay competitive in the market.

Monitor promotion dynamics, margins, and pricing trends

Promotional strategies
Identify opportunities for promotional activities and pricing adjustments.
Consumer behavior
Gain insights into consumer behavior and market trends to optimize pricing strategies and maximize profitability.

Monitor Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Policy Compliance
Across marketplaces and retailers to maintain brand integrity and protect pricing integrity.
Identify violations
Take proactive measures to enforce MAP policies and ensure fair competition in the market.

What benefits can brands gain from using our Price Intelligence Tools?

Real-time insights

Real-time pricing data and insights across multi-categories and channels.

Competitive benchmark

Competitive benchmarking for strategic pricing decisions.

Trend identification

Promotion analysis and pricing trend identification.


MAP policy monitoring and enforcement.

Actionable insights

Customizable dashboards and actionable insights.

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