Price Tracking & Monitoring

Bright Insights provides robust solutions tailored to retailers & marketplaces’ needs, offering comprehensive price tracking and monitoring capabilities to optimize pricing strategies and enhance competitiveness.

  • Benchmark Competitor Marketplace
  • Promotions & Ads Potential
  • Product & Variant Matching
  • Identify Pricing Trends
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Retail Pricing Intelligence

Stay Competitive with Tailored Solutions for Price Tracking and Monitoring in Online Retail

Refine pricing strategies based on market intelligence & competitors analysis.

Benchmark your prices
Gain insights into pricing dynamics across competitor marketplaces to assess attractiveness, and identify pricing trends.
Enhance Competitiveness
Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging actionable insights to optimize pricing and margins.

Optimize Sales & Margins with Strategic Promotion Monitoring and Analysis

Monitor Promotions
Monitor promotion activities across specific categories and products to understand the investment in promotions by market leaders. 
Replicate Effective Tactics
Analyze successful promotion strategies and trends to drive sales growth in competitive marketplaces.

Track Multi-Channel SKU Catalogs with Advanced AI Technology

Absolute SKU Matching
Overcome challenges by streamlining the product catalog for SKUs and variants across various channels.
Advanced AI Technologies
Employ AI models to accurately match products, variants, and SKUs across multiple channels, ensuring comprehensive and precise data.

What benefits can retailers & marketplaces gain from our Price Monitoring?

Benchmark prices

Monitor pricing dynamics across competitor marketplaces to benchmark prices and refine pricing strategies.

See promotion dynamics

Gain insights into promotion activities to replicate successful strategies and drive sales growth.

Compare same SKUs

Overcome challenges in product matching with advanced AI technology for accurate and comprehensive data.


Streamline product catalog management and optimize inventory strategies for improved efficiency and competitiveness.

Unlock the power of price tracking and monitoring for retailers with Bright Insights.

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